Bacalar Kayak Adventure Tours is a conservation and adventure ecotourism organization dedicated to organizing tours and adventure activities in Bacalar and its surroundings. Our organization aims to carry out these activities in a friendly way with nature, its biodiversity and with the objective of to preserve the Bacalar Lagoon



The Bacalar Lagoon has a length of 42 kilometers from long, it forms part of a system of lagoons, canals and rivers that are surrounded by reeds and mangroves, La Laguna de Cod feed enormous amounts of fresh water that comes from of the various cenotes that are in it, this would allow us to explore it and find places with incredible landscapes and great Biodiversity, in our tours you will have the opportunity to know the most impressive and secret places of this lagoon.

The Bacalar Lagoon is unique in the world since it It is the only freshwater lagoon where you can appreciate a large number of shades of blue, hence the famous name of La Laguna de los 7 colors, our organization offers kayak tours that will allow us to explore the most beautiful and impressive places What it offers us, the kayak will allow us to explore. have a more direct contact with the lagoon and with nature, we will allow relax, enjoy an incredible tour and be able to observe Some animals


This incredible lagoon forms a unique ecosystem in which we can find a large number of flora and fauna, some even endemic such as the hawk caracolero and the chivita snail, likewise in the surroundings of In the lagoon we can find a large number of birds, among those that highlight herons, toucans, cormorants, kingfishers, woodpecker, parrots, and some birds of prey;

We invite you to participate in one of our nature tours and adventure where together with a specialized guide you will be able to discover this amazing place, observe the flora and fauna of the Bacalar Lagoon and its surroundings, using kayaks professionals and spend an incredible day in contact with the nature.





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